To use our charger, register/log in to the ORLEN Charge app on your phone.

The ORLEN Charge app is available on the App Store and Google Play for iOS and Android

Open the app on your phone and find a charging station.

Before a charging session starts, add your payment card details in the Payment menu under the payment cards tab.

Connect the selected charging cable to the car.

Select the appropriate connector by tapping the Charge button in the app.

In order to stop the charging session, press the Stop button in the app. The charger will release the plug in your vehicle.

The total cost will be calculated after the charging session is completed.

Be considerate of other drivers – leave the parking space as soon as you have finished charging.

How to use ORLEN chargers?

Check out full details and status of your charging session in the app or on the charger screen.

Respect other drivers:
Never unplug another car while it’s charging.

Respect other drivers:
Don’t leave your car plugged in longer than necessary.